17/10/2017 5:56 AM AEDT | Updated 24/10/2017 5:53 AM AEDT

Parents Turn Son's Wheelchair Into Elaborate Halloween Costumes

"Halloween is just a day when we can just stop looking at the actual wheelchair and look at the boy in the costume," the boy's mother says.

When Halloween night rolls around, all eyes in Melrose Park, Illinois, will be on Anthony Alfano.

The 8-year-old has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheelchair, but that hasn’t stopped him from being the town’s king of Halloween.

Each year, Anthony’s parents make him an elaborate Halloween costume that incorporates his wheelchair.

This year, Anthony will be his favorite game show, “Wheel Of Fortune.”

“We watch it every night in our house with Anthony,” his mother, Deanna Alfano, told “He loves hearing the alphabet, but he has a love for most game shows.” 

Deanna Alfano
Anthony Alfano and his parents with his "Wheel Of Fortune" costume.

To make the costume, the Alfanos used a PVC board, a foam wheel and LED lights so the costume lights up in the dark.

“Since he’s in the wheelchair, we look for things for sitting,” his mother said.

Anthony’s costumes have grown more elaborate each year.

Last year, he was a Lincoln Memorial snow globe.

Deanna Alfano
Anthony dressed up as a Lincoln Memorial snow globe for Halloween last year.

Another year he was a jockey.

Deanna Alfano
Anthony's jockey costume from a previous Halloween.

The Alfanos have been dressing up Anthony for the holiday since he was just a baby.

He dressed as Elvis for his first Halloween, complete with sunglasses, sideburns and a bedazzled onesie. Other costumes have included Pinocchio and a hockey goalie.

“People started really responding to Anthony’s costumes and expecting it every year,” Deanna Alfano told last year. “My husband growing up was really into Halloween so it just kind of snowballed.”

The Alfanos insist the holiday is one night when Anthony can really be like everyone else.

“Halloween is just a day when we can just stop looking at the actual wheelchair and look at the boy in the costume,” Deanna Alfano told ABC Chicago last year.

Her husband, Tony Alfano, added: “He’s not going to be our superstar baseball player. He’s just going to be the kid on Halloween that people are going to remember. ... And that’s what I want to do.”