Millie The Dog : Australia's First Pup To Receive a 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

Now she can run, jump and play just like any other doggo.

Millie the dog lost her paw when she was just a pup and since then, it's been a constant struggle to find a prosthetic leg that fits just right.

This challenge means finding a leg that's comfortable, easily adjustable and can adapt to Millie's growing and changing body. This has seen Millie try four different models and styles of prosthetic, but finally she has found a leg that lets her run, jump and play -- and it's all thanks to 3D printing.

Millie's fifth and current prosthetic leg can be altered to suit her body on a computer using Autodesk's Fusion 360 software and a 3D printer. This means that Millie's owners Ed and Nora Dieppe can print Millie a new leg without her having to be fitted for a replacement each time she grows.

This solution has been a long time coming, as some of the previous legs left her feeling uncomfortable and restricted. It's been quite a journey for Millie, but now she really does seem happier than ever.

Millie As A Puppy

Millie lost her paw when she was just a puppy.

Millie's First Leg

Millie's first leg was perfect when she was small, but she quickly grew out of it.

The Second Prosthetic

Clunky and oversized, Millie hated number two from the start. She even tried chewing it off in protest.

Leg Number Three

The third leg was better, but still a little heavy for Millie. It was bulky, and hard to fit.

Number Four

Prosthetic leg four was more streamlined, easier to fit and lighter in weight. While it was still quite cumbersome, Millie did get greater freedom of movement.

The 3D-Printed Prosthetic

Millie's 3D printed leg is made from a material called CPE which is a co-polyester plastic, making the leg easy to fit and super lightweight. With her new leg, Millie can now run, jump and play just like any other doggo, and if she ever needs the leg adjusted Ed or Nora can simply jump onto the computer, chnage the design of the prosthetic and print Millie a brand new one.