21/10/2017 5:34 PM AEDT | Updated 21/10/2017 5:34 PM AEDT

Cute Alert: The Quirky Plan To Save Australia's Quarrelsome Quolls

They've struck a blow for e-quollity.


Today's story is brought to you by the letter q. It's about quolls -- those quirky little marsupial predators with a carnivorous diet which may or may not include quiche.

Eastern quolls used to live on the east coast of the Australian mainland (including Queensland) before they quietly quit.

The quarrelsome cuties now only live in the wild in Tasmania (including near Queenstown). But they're about to be reintroduced to the mainland.

Twenty of the querulous little predators who were bred at Trowunna Wildlife Park and Devils@Cradle sanctuary in Tasmania will be reintroduced to habitat in Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay, New South Wales, about two hours south of Sydney.

There used to be a high quotient of quolls in the area before they were all killed by foxes, cats and other quadrupeds.

Just look at the gorgeous quizzical look on her face.

The quoll resettlement is being undertaken by WWF-Australia in conjunction with Rewilding Australia. They're pups now but by next year they will be adults about to enter their first year of breeding.

But could this turn out to be a quixotic quest? WWF-Australia's Head of Living Ecosystems Darren Grover quashed that line of questioning.

"We hope they settle in quickly, stay healthy and start to breed immediately," he said.

"The loss of native species like eastern quolls has disturbed nature's balance. The goal is to see some eastern quoll populations permanently re-established in the wild on mainland Australia and it all starts at Booderee National Park."

Their features are so quaint.

Rob Brewster from Rewilding Australia said these first quota of quolls would prove which habitat type they prefer.

"This information could become the blueprint for how to re-introduce quolls to other mainland locations," he said.

Meanwhile, WWF-Australia is offering people the opportunity to name the quolls. You can qualify by entering here before November 3. Skip the queue and be quick!

Anyone else just die of cute?


"They not even closely related," WWF-Australia's Darren Grover told us.

"They are both marsupials so they have a pouch. But a quokka is a wallaby so it's related to kangaroos. Quolls are in the group of carnivorous marsupials that includes Tassie Devils. Even though they're small they are quite fierce and bold. They'll have a go at anything smaller than them."

Bottom line: if you're ever lucky enough to see one in the wild, maybe don't try to pat it.