20/10/2017 1:01 PM AEDT

Liveworks 2017: Cultural Amnesia And The Turbulent History Of The Philippines

What do we remember about the past, and what do we choose to forget?

In the theatre-based performance 'This Here. Land', a collective of Australian and Filipino artists explore cultural amnesia and the turbulent history of the Philippines and Australia.

The performance invites viewers to acknowledge this through personal stories written by Pascal Berry and performed by the performers from LabAnino, of those who experienced events like martial law in 1970s Philippines.

As the country reintroduces military control, Berry wants audiences to question what we remember about the past, and what we chose to forget.

LabAnino: This Here. Land is showing at Sydney's 2017 Liveworks 19-29 October at Carriageworks. You can find out more here.