24/10/2017 2:46 PM AEDT | Updated 24/10/2017 2:46 PM AEDT

The 'Scary Creeper Peeper' Was So Terrifying It Was Banned In Canada

But now it's back with online vengeance.

Scary Peeper

'The Scary Peeper Creeper' Halloween decoration made headlines in 2016 for being banned from numerous Canadian stores because it was deemed too spooky.

Well, fast forward to 2017, and the ornament has re-emerged online and it's more freaky than ever.

The ornament was originally created in the likeness of 'Peeping Tom', and it's specifically designed to be placed outside a window, so the man wearing the hood peeps inside at the innocent beings that live within the house. Customers complained that it mimicked 'Peeping Tom' and therefore, promoted voyeurism and terror and it was removed from shelves.

Regardless of this, Pepper Creeper-like decorations are available from Amazon and they have all kinds of weird features that make them just as uncomfortable as the original, if not worse.

A simple search on either Amazon U.S or U.K. shows dozens of scary creeper options, from the bloodied to the extra-terrestrial and everything in between.

If that wasn't enough, there are also quite a few decorations that have motion detection or live action functions. For $A38 ($US29.99) you can purchase a peeper that taps on your window, just to freak your guests -- or yourself -- out even more. The product description claims it taps on the window automatically three times every 10 seconds.

That sure is persistent.

For an extra 10 bucks, you can get a creeper that has motion sensor animated eyes that move left to right when movement is detected. The description also promises to haunt you everywhere, even in your dreams, which seems like both the objective and the problem when it comes to these decorations.

Scary Peeper

If animated creepers outside your house isn't really your thing, don't be alarmed -- there are PLENTY of items that you can place inside your home instead. Take the scary peeper intruder for example -- he easily attaches onto any doorway, equipped with a gloved hand for effect.

Scary Peeper

From creepy clowns, to witches, skeletons and rotting zombies, the creepy list really does go on. Whatever you're up to this Halloween, keep it fun and safe and don't freak yourself out, too much.