Golden Gaytime Sanga: Proof That Ice Cream Gods Exist

Finally, 2017. Some good news.

Following many weeks of speculation it's now official. Streets Ice Cream has today confirmed the release of the Golden Gaytime Sanga.

It's like a Gaytime and a Maxibon had a baby, basically.

For ice-cream critics out there, here's the breakdown:

No stick. Street's say it's a more streamlined, tactile ice cream. We think tactile is code for it will melt on your fingers but who cares.

Eating versatility. Apparently this the result of a close collaboration between the world's top ice cream engineers. Who knew that was a job?! They say the Sanga can be enjoyed front-to-back, back-to-front or side-to-side. Not only is it reversible, it's bigger too.

Improved crumb technology. A totally redesigned crumb now covers half the Sanga with new 'randomised, polygonal shapes' with a 'higher crumb density'. Not sure how we feel about them messing with the crumbs but we're willing to give it a go.

Biscuit casing. The whole thing is ensconced between two golden biscuit pieces.

This isn't even an ad. We just really enjoy drowning our sorrows in ice cream.