30/10/2017 11:57 AM AEDT

Adam Sandler Criticised For Repeatedly Putting Hand On Claire Foy's Knee

"Claire Foy replacing Adam Sandler's hand onto his own knee rather than hers was the perfect 'haha don't touch me again' move."


Adam Sandler is facing criticism after a recent appearance on BBC's Graham Norton Show where he repeatedly touched Claire Foy's knee during the interview.

During the interview Sandler was seated between Foy, the star of Netflix's 'The Crown', Emma Thompson and Cara Delevigne. As Sandler told an anecdote he placed his hand on Foy's knee, removed it and as she made a gesture of "keep your hands to your own knees" he responded by putting it back on her leg.

Both Thompson and Delevigne looked on, unamused as Foy quite literally brushed the whole thing off, but viewers at home weren't ready to let the incident go.

To make matters worse, later in the interview Sandler later touched Thompson's leg, despite his 'Meyerwitz Stories' co-star looking unimpressed throughout the awkward interactions.

Thompson has been incredibly vocal about the recent allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein and in an interview with BBC Newsnight, blasted the system and old defenses of such behaviour.

"What [Weinstein is] as it were, the top of the ladder of is a system of harassment, and belittling, and bullying, and interference and what my mother would have referred to in the olden days as 'pestering'," Thompson said in the clip which has since gone viral on Twitter.

"This has been part of our world, women's world, since time immemorial," she continued.

After the criticism, Page Six reported that a spokesman for Sandler called the incident a "friendly gesture" that had been blown out of proportion.

Meanwhile a spokeswoman for Foy has also downplayed the incident.

"We don't believe anything was intended by Adam's gesture," a statement read, "and it has caused no offense to Claire".