30/10/2017 12:01 PM AEDT

Milan Just Got The Sunset Of The Year And We Are Jealous


AFP/Getty Images
Milan's stunning sunset.

Known usually for the art in the city's galleries, Milan witnessed some natural art herself on Sunday night when the sky lit up in a gorgeous sunset.

People reported on Twitter that the Milanese stopped their cars to take pictures of the sunset.

Others saw the resemblance between the spindly lengths of cloud illuminated by the sun, and the otherworldly villain from Netflix's Stranger Things.

Some of the photos are truly stunning.

NurPhoto via Getty Images
Strange clouds appeared during the Milan sunset, in Italy on 29 October 2017.


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...oggi era davvero difficile non fotografate il cielo di #Milano.... #milanodavedere Foto di Luciano Valzi

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Milan is Italy's second largest city after Rome, and houses not just museums and art galleries, but much of the country's financial industry too. It is also commonly referred to as the world's design capital.

The city is known for its humid, hot summers and sub-zero winters.

And I guess Milan's now also known for its sunsets.