30/10/2017 8:17 PM AEDT | Updated 30/10/2017 8:18 PM AEDT

Here's How Celebs Celebrated Halloween This Year

Kim Kardashian had THREE different costumes. That's too many costumes, Kim.

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Celebrities, they're just like us! They too can't resist getting dressed up as their favourite characters from 'Stranger Things' or putting on cat ears and pretending like you put any effort in. Yes it's Halloween, and this year celebs showed us what they've got.

From Adele's... uh.... well, we're still not sure what Adele was but we loved it, to Demi Lovato's ode to Selena Quintanilla, there have been some iconic looks already this year.

Undeniably the winner of the 'simple yet effective' award has to be Gwyneth Paltrow's homage to her character from the movie 'Se7en'.


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If you haven't seen it, spoilers for a movie which came out in 1995, the big twist at the end of the film is basically Gwyneth's decapitated head in a box. Easiest. Costume. Ever.

Kim Kardashian and professional best friend Jonathan Cheban dressed up as Sonny and Cher, the same outfit and caption picked by 'American Horror Story' alum Cheyenne Jackson.

But that was just ONE of Kim's looks for the week. She had three different outfits including Aaliyah and a Michael Jackson and Madonna couples costume with sister Kourtney taking up the role of MJ. It's definitely hard to Keep Up with the Kardashians' costume changes.

Here are some of the highlights of celebs getting into the Halloween spirit this year.

Leggo my Eggos, please. Happy Halloween #strangerthings

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Happy Early Halloween & Happy Birthday Gorgeous ❤️

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Hamburg, 27.10.2017, The self-titled tour, Halloween Special ⚡️ // shot by @pixielevinson

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Now it's just a matter of time until Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum reveals her 2017 look showing everyone how dressing up is done.