01/11/2017 1:53 AM AEDT

Kate Middleton Seeks Advice On Teaching Prince George Tennis

The duchess gets down to earth.

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t mind swapping her usual dress and heels for sweatpants and tennis shoes

Middleton wore an athletic outfit for her appearance at a Tennis For Kids event at the National Tennis Centre in London on Tuesday. The duchess paired a white collared shirt and black athletic jacket with Nike tennis shoes and $345 tuxedo track pants from Monreal London.

The duchess also wore a poppy pin with her outfit, which is typically worn to pay tribute to military members who died in war. 

PA Wire/PA Images
The Duchess of Cambridge arrives for a visit to the Lawn Tennis Association at the National Tennis Centre, London.

You may recognize the sweatpants, as Middleton wore them to a tennis workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland last year. 

POOL New / Reuters
The Duchess of Cambridge takes part in a tennis workshop at Craigmount High School in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain on Feb. 24, 2016. 

At this year’s event in London, it looked like the duchess (and all of the kids and coaches that got to meet her) had a blast on the court. 

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Having a ball! 
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Do they have a special handshake?
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So. Lucky. 

At the event, Middleton said Prince George is starting to play a little tennis.

“[Kate] says with George just being 4 he wants to whack a ball. So, she was asking what sort of stuff [he] should be doing,” Sam Richardson, a coach at the Lawn Tennis Association, told People. “She said he’s interested in it but more in whacking the ball.”

We can only hope, as the royals always have the best seats in the house at Wimbledon (and we’d love to see George make silly faces at the tennis players).