01/11/2017 12:12 PM AEDT | Updated 01/11/2017 12:13 PM AEDT

Nicole Kidman's Pledge To Work With Female Directors Every 18 Months

"As an actor you’re only as good as the things you’re offered."


Nicole Kidman has had one hell of a year.

Two of her films, 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer' and 'The Beguiled' have wowed critics while her foray into TV appearances this year in 'Top of the Lake: China Doll' and 'Big Little Lies' saw her take home several Emmy Awards including one for Outstanding Lead Actress.

'Big Little Lies' was a massive win for Kidman, not only in the accolades it received but also working with co-star Reese Witherspoon in order to actually secure the rights to the novel and get the series made. It's part of a broader picture Kidman has been vocally passionate about, fighting for women's representation in Hollywood.

In a recent feature with 'Glamour', Kidman spoke about her pledge to work with a female director every 18 months.

"As an actor you're only as good as the things you're offered," Kidman said, "and there just weren't any women offering me things".

"When you dissect that, you realise there aren't women offering you things because they don't have the opportunities. I work to raise money for women's cancers; I use my voice for violence against women. And so I was like, 'I need to be part of the movement that will, hopefully, change the statistics in my field'."

Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley in HBO's 'Big Little Lies', winner of eight Emmy Awards.

Kidman originally made the promise back in May while in Cannes, citing the stats of women directors across film and television.

"Only 4.2 percent of women directed the main motion pictures of 2016," she said during a press conference for 'The Beguiled'. "There were 4000 episodic television series last year and only 183 women directed them. That says it all."

Kidman used two of her upcoming projects as examples of her efforts in an attempt to change the landscape for future filmmakers like her daughter.

"To be an advocate, you have to actually put things into action. It's like, 'OK, Rebecca [Miller]. You're making a movie? Let's go'. 'OK, Karyn Kusama' -- I'm working with her next -- 'we may not have an enormous budget, but let's go do it. I'll get down in the trenches with you'."

"My nine-year-old daughter wants to be a director right now. Her whole attitude is 'The world's my oyster'. She doesn't realise that it's actually not."

Kidman is working with Karyn Kusama on 'Destroyer', a crime thriller, and Rebecca Miller on 'She Came To Me' a comedy-drama set in the world of contemporary opera also starring Steve Carell and Amy Schumer.

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