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Strawberry-On-Pizza Controversy Takes Topping Debate To New Heights

Because pineapple wasn't causing all of us enough trouble.
Strawberry pizza anyone?
Strawberry pizza anyone?

It's almost as if the pineapple-on-pizza controversy wasn't enough.

One Twitter user posted a photo of a pizza topped with strawberries to further fuel the fruit-as-pizza-topping-debate. No, not a dessert pizza with strawberries -- a run-of-the-mill, garden-variety pizza coated in cheese and dressed with strawberries.

While this is quite creative and incredibly adventurous, people are simply not coping with the odd mixture of fruit and pizza.

Some people however, came to the rescue of the pizza-strawberry combo highlighting that cheese and fruit can be a good match.

This isn't the first food-related controversy we've seen recently. There was an outcry from every corner of the internet on Sunday, when people realised that Google's hamburger emoji places the cheese underneath the patty, not on top of it.

This prompted Google's CEO Sundar Pichai to announce that he would 'drop everything' to address this problem.

It's been a big few days food-wise, with interesting combinations and heated discussions filling our feeds and phones. The questions remain unresolved however -- do strawberries really belong on a pizza? Does the cheese go underneath or on top of the patty?

It's probably a question that will never reach a consensus, so until such a time where everyone agrees on pizza toppings and burger cheese, we'll all have to deal with the strawberry- pizza combination.

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