01/11/2017 11:04 PM AEDT | Updated 01/11/2017 11:14 PM AEDT

Halloween In Australia: Howl We Got Into The Spooky Spirit

"My lazy Halloween outfit is a spooky unsolicited text message."

Halloween in Australia is a bit different to the U.S.

Yes, yes, this is AUSTRALIA, not AMERICA... Why are we celebrating an American tradition... Why are we becoming increasingly Americanised... Why can't we celebrate an Australian tradition like alcohol-fueled violence or something instead... blah blah blah. Now that we have the annual whinge out of the way, let's focus on how Aussies got into the Halloween spirit this year.

As horrific and unnecessary as the postal survey was, one good thing it did gift us was a brilliant Halloween theme.

The spookiest Halloween costume of them all.

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There were Australian TV references (which is to say, mostly 'Kath and Kim' costumes).

There were pop culture jokes.

There were brilliant couples costume ideas relating to our well-stocked supply of political boofheads who have taken up permanent residency as national punchlines.

Plus this very clever nod to America's own political boofhead and global embarrassment.


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There were costumes which defied all categorisation:

Hi. I'm your #wetdream. #halloweencostume #halloween #halloween2017 👻 🎃 #costume #nude #naked

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But it wouldn't be Halloween without the best thing about any event that might vaguely encourage costumes (Christmas, Easter, your gran's funeral, it really doesn't matter) and that's animals dressed up. (You're freaken welcome).

And, lastly, there was Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambi dressed as Wonder Woman holding a pig (we're not really sure why either).

Happy Halloween!