02/11/2017 5:43 AM AEDT

Nurse Barred From Jail After Allegedly Performing Exorcism On Inmate

The inmate, who allegedly received the exorcism instead of medical help, later died.

A nurse in Oklahoma City has been banned from working at Oklahoma County Jail after she allegedly performed an exorcism on an inmate who died the next day.

Linda Herlong Jackson allegedly performed the exorcism in February on Amanda Lynette Freeman, a 32-year-old woman who was in jail after being arrested on a drug complaint, according to KOCO TV.

Detention officials said that when Freeman started having a seizure, the 67-year-old Jackson was called in to help.

A witness who worked at the facility said Freeman was thrashing around and screaming when Jackson asked other jail employees if anyone would mind if she performed an exorcism.

She then allegedly said, “I revoke you demons,″ rather than provide medical assistance, according to the The Oklahoman.

A sheriff’s lieutenant who arrived on the scene stopped the exorcism. Freeman died the next day of an acute coronary event due to methamphetamine use, according to the paper.

Jackson had worked at the jail for six years as an employee of Armor Correctional Health Services, which contracts with the jail. That means that Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor couldn’t fire her, since she wasn’t technically his employee. Instead, he officially banned her from working at the jail on Oct. 20.

“It’s our position that because of this incident she cannot work in this facility,” Taylor told the paper. “Her job is to provide medical care. Doing what she was doing was not providing medical care.”

Armor Correctional Health Services put Jackson on administrative leave three days after she was banned from the jail.

Company representatives told KOCO that as of Friday, she was no longer employed there.

Jackson denied all exorcism allegations in an interview with The Oklahoman.

“Oh, brother,” she said. “No. ... I didn’t do an exorcism.”

 She also insisted Freeman’s death the next day had nothing to do with her.

“The patient didn’t die, by the way, on my shift,” she said.“I would appreciate if you wouldn’t try to sensationalize something that’s already been settled ― or so I thought.”

Although Jackson isn’t currently facing any criminal charges, KSWO TV reports that the sheriff’s office has turned over the findings of their own investigation to the district attorney’s office.