Chunky Raccoon Stuck In Grate Rescued By Local Authorities

On Thursday, police in the city of Zion, Illinois, received a call about a masked bandit in great distress.

Oh, no!
Oh, no!

“It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate,” The City of Zion Illinois Police Department wrote on Facebook, referring of course, to a local raccoon.

The officers were unable to rescue the pathetically adorable critter on their own, and had to call in for reinforcements from the Zion Public Works Department. The raccoon was freed, but not before those on the scene snapped some photos, which the department posted on Facebook.

While we can’t speak to the health of this particular animal, it’s normal for raccoons to put on an extra layer of fat and grow a thicker coat as they prepare for the colder winter weather.

We think you’re beautiful either way, little buddy.