05/11/2017 6:23 PM AEDT | Updated 05/11/2017 6:24 PM AEDT

Three Key Things To Expect When Pauline Hanson Starts Campaigning In Queensland Tomorrow

With three weeks until the ballot, everyone better take a deep breath.

Newspix via Getty Images

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is set to start campaigning on Monday ahead of the upcoming Queensland election, right as a Galaxy poll released over the weekend showed support for her party surging to 18 per cent.

There are still three weeks until the November 25 ballot, which means that Australia will have to endure at least some One Nation-branded campaigning.

Here are three things you should expect in the coming weeks:

1. Electricity, Electricity, Electricity

According to Hanson, keeping electricity bills down is the single most important issue for One Nation in the election.

The senator is set to announce a plan for Queensland One Nation to use $1.4 billion worth of profits from government-owned assets to create electricity subsidies for households. The proposal will aim to undercut the Labor Party's proposed electricity policy, which planned to shave off $50 from each household electricity bill.

Speaking to The Australian, Hanson said that the cost of electricity was "the main thing affecting the whole state".

"I have travelled all over Queensland and people are suffering across the state, businesses are closing down and it's hurting ordinary families," she said.

On Sunday Queensland Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls threw his hat into the ring, pledging to reduce household power bills by $160 over two years.

2. Less Criticism Of Islam

This one might come as a bit of a shock. One Nation's most recent 30-page Queensland policy booklet doesn't even mention mosques, halal food, or Islam.

And even more suprisingly -- One Nation candidate Shane Holley recently campaigned outside Logan Mosque alongside local Muslims, calling for "harmony" in the seat of Stretton.

Holley told the crowd that it was "fantastic to be able to dispel some of the myths out there" about One Nation, according to SBS.

This stance is at odds with the party's past calls for a Royal Commission into Islam and a ban on Muslim immigration into Australia -- and there's no knowing whether it will hold as Hanson joins the campaign trail on Monday.

3. Malcolm Roberts!

If you thought the High Court decision that kicked Malcolm Roberts out of Federal Parliament would get rid of him for good, think again -- he's campaigning to be the candidate for the state seat of Ipswich.

Ipswich has traditionally been seen as a Labor safe-haven, with the LNP only winning the seat once in the past 34 years. The close-by seat of Lockyer was almost won by Hanson when she ran for it in 2015.

Election analyst Antony Green told the Sydney Morning Herald that it would be "highly surprising if One Nation won there on first preferences, which would mean they would have to come from behind on LNP preferences".

He suggested that One Nation has a greater shot at grabbing the Ipswich West and Lockyer seats. Labor currently holds the seat by a 16-point margin.

Pauline Hanson will set off on the campaign trail from Brisbane on her party's 'battler bus' on Monday -- so everyone better take a deep breath.