07/11/2017 3:48 PM AEDT

Björk Will Give Away Cryptocurrency With Her New Album

Audiocoin helps both fans and artists earn money by listening to music.


Björk has always been a trail blazer.

From her experimental music style to the way she embraces new tech, she's always been ahead of the game and her latest album will be no different.

Fans who purchase her new record 'Utopia' will receive cryptocurrency as well as her latest tunes. Buyers will be given 100 Audiocoins, which have a collective worth of about 25 Australian cents.

Audiocoin is a cryptocurrency that rewards both artists and their fans. By listening to music on aurovine.com, listeners are able to earn coins and then use them in a similar way to Bitcoin -- for regular purchases, investments or to trade against other cryptocurrencies.

The offer is being facilitated by London-based blockchain company Blockpool, who will provide buyers with the 100 Audiocoins as well as their digital wallet. Fans can also use four different digital currencies to pay for the album including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Audiocoin.

Björk's ninth studio album 'Utopia' will be released on November 24.

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