08/11/2017 8:37 AM AEDT | Updated 08/11/2017 9:17 AM AEDT

Jacinda Ardern's Cat Paddles Has Died After Being Hit By A Car

One of the finest Demo-cats the world has seen.

Famous for her vibrant ginger coat, big green eyes and sassy Twitter account, Paddles the cat became known to the world when her owner Jacinda Ardern was elected New Zealand's Prime Minister.

With more than 11,400 followers on Twitter, Paddles had begun building a profile for herself as one of the most powerful, yet adorable cats in New Zealand. Vanity Fair even reported that Paddles had a vital role in making Ardern the "latest hip, cool world leader that America wish it had".

But, just three weeks after taking office, Ardern has to face some sad news. Paddles has been killed after being hit by a car.

The New Zealand Herald reported the PM's office confirmed the death occurred on Tuesday.

"Yes, sadly Paddles has died after being run over by a car near the Point Chevalier home of the PM yesterday evening," the spokesperson said.

Ardern had a visibly close relationship with Paddles. She was part of Ardern's support network throughout the election campaign and during the first three weeks of her Prime Ministership. Regardless of this, Paddles' Twitter bio emphasises that she was impartial to the political world.

"First Cat of New Zealand," the Bio reads. "Have thumbs, will tweet. Not affurliated with Labour Pawty. Bullies will be SCRATSCHED /blocked."

There has been an outpouring of grief from Paddles' fans on Twitter, one user even calling for a state funeral for the feline.

While many can't believe that something so sad has happened, one thing is for sure -- Paddles will certainly be missed.