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Pauline Hanson's 'Battler Bus' Broke Down On The Campaign Trail

'Battler Bus has been making a loud hissing noise the past hour'.

Call it simple mechanical troubles or a supreme twist of irony, but Pauline Hanson's 'Battler Bus' for the Queensland election campaign is experiencing its own battle, having broken down on the side of the road.

Putting aside the obvious jokes about the Battler Bus battling its own issues, Hanson's campaign bus came to an unexpected stop outside Mackay on Thursday morning. The federal One Nation leader is out on the hustings to drum up support for her state candidates, boasting that her party could hold the balance of power in the Queensland parliament after the election.

It might be a bit hard for her to effectively get the word out, though, while she's stuck waiting for an RACQ callout.

Journalists onboard the Battler Bus, which was this week launched with a bottle of cheap bubbly, reported the bus had been emitting "a loud hissing noise" for some time before the driver pulled over to check out the issue. A Sky News reporter said "it just won't start again", while another said the bus had stopped at a service station, resumed driving and then got into trouble again soon after.

The campaign had to wait for a Thrifty employee to come and rescue them, according to reports from the scene. Hanson and her adviser James Ashby were spotted looking concerned.

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