10/11/2017 6:53 AM AEDT | Updated 10/11/2017 6:53 AM AEDT

Watch This Magician's Friend Ruin Every Single Trick He Attempts

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

A magician wants to leave the audience spellbound, not become a victim of dirty tricks.

But that's what happening to a magician in China named A Gan.

Try as he might to impress the internet with his magic know-how, he is thwarted at every turn by his friend ― nicknamed "Pokerface Man." The expressionless friend stares at the camera waiting for the right moment to ruin things by showing just how the tricks are done.

In the process, they've both conjured up a following on YouTube, getting thousands of views for each video.

The video above shows some of their best ― or worst ― attempts at magic.

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