11/11/2017 7:45 AM AEDT

Alec Baldwin Doubles Down On Rumor That Melania Trump Loves His 'SNL' Impression

According to Alec Baldwin, there’s not as much loathing in the White House regarding his “Saturday Night Live” impression as one might think.

Baldwin told Brian Lehrer on the WNYC radio host’s show earlier this week that he had a fan in Melania Trump, who, per the actor, thinks his impression of President Trump is spot-on despite her husband’s vocal criticisms of the show. The actor said he heard the rumor through a grapevine of well-connected acquaintances.

The White House called the assertion “bizarre” in a statement to Newsweek, flatly denying it.

But Thursday evening, the actor addressed the idea once again as he appeared onstage at New York’s 92Y alongside his You Can’t Spell America Without Me co-author, Kurt Andersen, and radio host Lehrer. Baldwin’s satirical Trump memoir was released earlier this month.

“I forget where we were,” he began, “but somebody said, ‘I spoke with so-and-so, who spoke with so-and-so who’s in the administration or was in the administration, and he told me that Melania loves your Trump imitation, thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world, and he hates the fact she thinks you’re funny ― despises you even more because she thinks you’re funny.’”

“And I’m telling you, this guy told me that somebody very high up in the administration, or formerly high up in the administration—” he said, trailing off amid laughter from the audience. The actor then acknowledged how the White House had responded to his claim before joking, “Trump’s on the phone telling her social secretary what to say to the press, but Melania’s in the other room watching ‘SNL.’”

Though Baldwin famously does not count himself among the president’s supporters, he noted that someone close to him might have voted Trump in the 2016 election ― Jack Donaghy, the constantly besuited executive character he played on “30 Rock.” 

“He probably voted for Trump, holding his nose the whole time,” he said.