Gucci Spent Over 800 Hours Making Björk A Spectacular Dress

We've been wearing the same jeans for three weeks.

If you've ever cursed yourself for spending too much time choosing what to wear in the morning (when you were meant to leave the house ten minutes ago), then consider that Björk has just worn an outfit that took 870 hours to put together.

That's right, the Icelandic singer songwriter, who is well known for her outlandish fashion statements, has worn a dress that took Gucci 36 days to produce.

And she wore it for a six-minute music video.

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The phenomenal dress was designed by Italian designer and Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele, for her new music video, 'The Gate'.

According to the luxury fashion house, the dress took 550 hours to make and with an additional 320 for the embroidery work.

For comparison in the completely-extra dress stakes, consider that it took a team of 50 people working for a week (that's 160 hours) to make that dress for Beyonce's to wear at the Grammy's in February.

Björk's dress is made from five metres of pleated iridescent PVC plastic material with three metres of PVC iridescent strips (that's right, the high shine hasn't been added in post production). As well as 20 metres of pleated lurex organza.

Needless to say, it must have been a bit of a fire hazard.

Björk released her new track last month, as the first single on her album 'Utopia' which is set to be released this month.

Michele also took on the role of creative director for the video, alongside James Merry.

The video was directed by longterm Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang, who has worked with Sigur Ros. and is responsible for some of Bjork's most striking videos – including 'Blake Lake'.