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How To Make A Flower Crown: A Step-By-Step Guide

It’s actually pretty easy.

Nothing says hens day or baby shower like a flower crown. While you can buy one made of fake flowers from just about anywhere, there's something special about wearing a wreath of fresh blooms.

Most florists will make you one, but they don't come cheaply. Or, you could try crafting your own. Head to your local flower markets early in the morning to stock up on affordable fresh supplies. Better yet, set up a flower crown making station at your event so everyone can make then wear their own.

First up, choose which style you'd like to create, taking into account how you'll wear your hair. This will also determine what tools you'll need.

Next, it's time to gather supplies. On the list is a measuring tape, wire, floral tape, scissors and wire cutters, gloves and a hot-glue gun if you can get your hands on one.

Aside from flowers, think about adding accents to your crown such as feathers, pearls or ribbons.

If all of that seems like a bit too much hard work, consider making a simple daisy chain crown.

All you need is the flowers. You can use daisies, or any other flower with a not-too-thick stem. Create a small split within the stem and feed the next flower through. Keep doing this until you have a long enough chain to make a circle the size of your head. Easy!

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