Unicorn Pube Knickers Are Now Here Because 2017 Isn't Done With Novelty Garb

Now you can be the mythical queen you always knew you were with your very own unicorn hair knickers.

Brought to you by the people who gave us the hairy leggings that had us chuckling all summer, behold the unicorn undies:

According to Contrado, the company behind the pants, brands who created unicorn-inspired products “were always cute, but not quite, out there enough for us”.

Well these are certainly “out there”.

Priced at £28 a pair, these will be knickers you save for special occasions.

Available in UK sizes 2 to 32.
Available in UK sizes 2 to 32.

Contrado has also brought out a pair of unicorn leggings that hard core My Little Pony Fans will love.