20/11/2017 11:44 AM AEDT | Updated 20/11/2017 11:44 AM AEDT

28 Teens Got Stranded In A Gold Coast Elevator As Schoolies Heats Up

23,000 school-leavers are in Surfers Paradise right now.

Bradley Kanaris via Getty Images
23,000 school-leavers have had their first weekend of celebrations at the Gold Coast as part of schoolies.

For most post-high school celebrators heading up to the Gold Coast for a week at schoolies, their first weekend is a big, boozy event.

But for one group of party-goers the weekend ended in panic.

Twenty-Eight high school leavers found themselves stuck in a stuffy lift for over an hour before emergency services were able to rescue. Video footage shows some teens shouting "woo!" and others -- maybe a little less excited by the night's events -- telling everyone that they were calling the police.

Four people were treated for dehydration at the Crown Towers hotel in Surfers Paradise, but rest of the crowd escaped uninjured.

Speaking to Nine News, schoolie Daisy Fahy explained what happened.

"The elevator started to drop and we were trying to go up, but it kept going 'drop, drop, drop'".

At one point, some in the group were struggling to breath.

Thirteen schoolies were arrested on Sunday, many for drug possession, and another 11 were fined for offences relating to alcohol.

Ten 'toolies' -- older people joining in on the teenage celebration -- were also arrested.

Approximately 23,000 school-leavers have converged on Surfers Paradise for the first week of festivities. The event will continue for a second week in the Gold Coast, and will also move on to locations around Australia including Byron Bay, Airlie Beach and Cairns.