20/11/2017 10:21 AM AEDT | Updated 20/11/2017 10:29 AM AEDT

Rita Ora Tried To Prank 'The Voice Of Germany' But No One Recognised Her

What's the German word for 'yikes'?

YouTube / ProSieben

Well it's not every day you get confused for imitating... yourself. Unfortunately for Rita Ora that's exactly what happened when she tried to pull one over on the judges of 'The Voice of Germany'.

Essentially Ora took advantage of the blind auditions stage of 'The Voice', where the judges sit with their backs to the performers, to give a rendition of her hit 'Your Song'.

The assumption being that when they turned their chairs around, they'd all laugh at how they had actually been listening to Ora the whole time.

It... did not go like that.

This isn't the first time someone pranked 'The Voice' judges, except when Neil Patrick Harris did it he wore a wig, fake beard and prosthetic jowls to disguise himself. Ora was not wearing a disguise.

After all four judges turned their chairs around (a good sign!) they then began to discuss her performance.

"It almost sounded like the original," one of the judges told her before another asked what her name was.

"Ok, my name is Rita Ora," she admitted before another judge asked if she was a double, or the actual real deal. "No, no, it's really me," Ora said.

"Rita, I'm so glad you're saying this," another judge admitted, "before I said 'You could be third place in a Rita Ora lookalike competition, and second place in a soundalike competition'".

Thankfully Ora took it all in stride and vowed to come back as a guest coach later in the season.

Hopefully the contestants recognise her.