21/11/2017 1:23 AM AEDT

Elon Musk Might Give His Insane New Sports Car The Ability To Fly

If the Tesla Roadster’s frankly astonishing 0-60mph time of 1.9 seconds didn’t blow you away then this almost certainly will.


Tesla’s founder Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that the incredible performance figures listed for the Roadster (620-mile range, 0-60mph 1.9 secs and 250+mph top speed) are actually just for the ‘base’ model.

For those of you willing to spend a bit extra the Roadster will in fact come with a “special upgrade” package that as Musk puts it: “Will take it to the next level.”

Considering 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds is faster than just about any car you think of, it’s hard to imagine what Musk could have in mind when you want to make something like that seem like an entry-level option.

Well the entrepreneur very kindly decided to elaborate on his point a little further and it while he could well be pulling our leg, he’s definitely hinting at the idea of a flying car.

That’s right, imagine the Tesla Roadster but with SpaceX’s rocket technology.

It sounds absolutely mad and yet given everything we know about Musk, this is just the kind of idea that he could actually pull off.

The response has been, understandably, pretty positive.

Now the reality is probably that Tesla’s Roadster will indeed come with a ‘special upgrade’ package and instead it will simply make the car faster, or give it an even longer range.

Another theory is that it could come with the above and then one of the easter eggs in the car is that it will transform the dashboard into a mock-up of a SpaceX flying car.


Finally there’s the third option which is that Musk wasn’t even remotely joking and Tesla is in fact hard at work on a Tesla flying car that can make short trips using an as-yet unknown SpaceX rocket technology that’s safe, easy to use and reliable.

If we’re being completely honest, all three sound amazing.