13 Things You Only Know If You Feel Festive Months Before Christmas

Everyone else might be moaning about the arrival of winter with its cold days and dark evenings, but tbh you have hardly noticed.

That’s because as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 31 October and Halloween is over, you throw yourself head first into all things Christmas.

There is just so much to think about - the tree, the decorations, the food, the films, and of course, Mariah.

Here are 13 things you only know if the 12 days of Christmas is more like 12 weeks in your household.

1. You have a daily countdown till the big day on your phone.

2. You feel like a failure if decorations aren’t up in November.

3. You plan an entire schedule of Christmas-themed activities.

4. You don’t understand how people run out of time for buying presents.

5. You have a whole wardrobe of Christmas jumpers on standby.

6. You stock up on enough turkey to survive the apocalypse.

7. You experience a surge of euphoria when you hear Bublé for the first time.

8. You low-key turn every conversation into Christmas chat.

9. You have no time for other December social events.

10. You get upset when other people don’t share your enthusiasm.

11. You know you couldn’t live with a Christmas hater.

12. You dread Boxing Day and knowing the magic is gone.

13. You refuse to take your tree down until it turns brown and all the pines drop off.