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Grandfather Cleans Toy Doll, Removes Its Entire Face

If only there was a makeup remover so efficient.

When a caring grandfather tried to help clean his granddaughter's doll after a day of play, something crazy happened.

Not only did he remove all the possible dirt and grime, but the entire face of the doll as well. That's right, not just the makeup but all of its facial features too, including the lips and the eyes.

The result was a bizarre mixture of funny and scary.

When your dad tries to clean up your daughters Girls World with white spirit, but it completely takes the eyes out so he sticks some on from a magazine.

Before & after.

— Tashy McTashface (@TashP351) November 14, 2017

To right his well-intended wrong, the grandfather found a pair of eyes from a magazine, cut them out and glued them on in the appropriate eye socket place.

Good as new if you ask us.

The Tweet with the before and after shot of the doll has been retweeted over 13,000 times and the reaction has been mixed.

I actually like it better, and it does not look scary to me. It looks more realistic!

— Ruth LaSure (@LasureRuth) November 21, 2017

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