This Failed Attempt At Cooking Has Left Us With A Lot Of Questions

We know that being in charge of the Christmas dinner can be a challenge for the uninitiated, especially because turkey isn’t something we cook that often.

But there’s a dry breast, and then there is this culinary fail.

Monica Noel shared a photograph on Twitter of her coworker’s turkey looking a little worse for wear.

The 25-year-old university student said: “My coworker doesn’t deserve holidays y’all, Thanksgiving is over, cancelled!”

Noel confirmed that the turkey had been left in the communal office oven to bake during her friend’s shift and be taken home later for the bank holiday.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

The women think it got so burned because it was covered in a sugar coating, although we are still pretty impressed with that all-over charcoal face mask coverage tbh.

Noel confirmed no one had attempted to eat the carcass, particularly because it was still “raw and pink” when they cut it open.

Once the nausea had subsided, there were some fairly obvious comparisons to be made, and the internet did not disappoint.

Better luck next time guys.