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12 Comics For Couples Who Can Just Be Themselves Around Each Other

There’s no greater feeling than finding a partner who loves you exactly as you are ― quirks and all.

That’s something Seattle-based illustrator Meg Quinn knows firsthand. The 22-year-old’s Art By Moga Instagram account features sweet, relatable comics about daily life with her fiancé.

The couple of three years has experienced just about everything together, from wild nights out (and crippling hangovers)... that-time-of-the-month mini-crises.

Quinn, who is planning to get married this spring, told HuffPost the characters are “literally the two of us as a couple, from physical appearance, to how we behave together.”

The Instagram account has over 162,000 followers, but Quinn’s fiancé is still her biggest fan.

“He loves the comics ― he’s so supportive!” she said. “He’s the first one that gets to see them because I always text him the final product before posting.”

Scroll down to see Quinn’s cute couple comics, or follow Art By Moga for even more.

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