Here's An Amazing Way To Explain Non-Binary Identities To Kids

“What’s the harm in learning a new word?”

The latest episode of “Queer Kid Stuff,” an educational LGBTQ YouTube program for kids, is helping break down non-binary identity in a way that is accessible for children.

Non-binary identity is an umbrella term of sorts for describing gender identities that fall outside of the traditional binary of masculine/feminine designations. Many identities, like genderqueer or transmasculine, are considered to be non-binary.

This episode of “Queer Kid Stuff” helps explain that idea to kids in a way that is both informative and fun.

“We’ve talked a lot about gender and pronouns on the show and I thought it was time to actually put a name to the concept,” New York-based host Lindsay Amer told HuffPost. “Words like ‘binary’ and ‘non-binary’ are not as difficult to understand as adults make them out to be and I think it’s important to use the correct words when we are communicating with young people. If they can’t pronounce it or fully comprehend the vocabulary now, that’s okay because the concept and idea of it are what matter most and that’s what sticks. What’s the harm in learning a new word?”

Check out this week’s episode focusing on non-binary identity above and go to “Queer Kid Stuff” for more.