25/02/2018 6:50 PM AEDT | Updated 27/02/2018 7:12 AM AEDT

Tweeters Barf Over Sweepstake Prize Of Dinner With Donald Trump

“This a punishment or a prize?”

The Republican National Committee used Twitter to promote a prize of attending a dinner with President Donald Trump.

But many people replied to the Saturday tweet by saying they’d rather go hungry than attend the RNC’s Annual Spring Retreat Dinner in Palm Beach, Florida, in March with Trump.

The RNC linked to a GOP.com fundraising page with its post.

It offered one person the chance to win transportation, accommodation and a ticket to the Florida bash, and invited people to donate to the RNC in exchange for entry into the sweepstakes. The small print, however, contained another link which allowed people to enter before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday for free.

The RNC valued the prize at $3,000, but some folks on Twitter “barfed” at the offer: