02/03/2018 5:52 AM AEDT

Kristen Wiig Reportedly In Talks To Play The Villain In 'Wonder Woman' Sequel

The “SNL” alum would play nemesis Cheetah.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Hera, give us strength.

Kristen Wiig is being considered to play a villain named Cheetah in the follow-up to 2017′s blockbuster “Wonder Woman,” Deadline reports. The untitled sequel is set to take place during the Cold War era of the 1980s. 

Cheetah first appeared in Wonder Woman No. 6 in October 1943. In the issue, the character Priscilla Rich is upstaged by Wonder Woman at a social event. Her jealousy causes her to develop an enraged alter ego known as Cheetah, and she becomes a lifelong nemesis of Wonder Woman.

Marvel and DC Comics regularly try to add comedy to their films, so Wiig ― long known for playing goofy characters on “Saturday Night Live” ― might make a perfect complement to the serious title character played by Gal Gadot.