29/03/2018 6:00 AM AEDT | Updated 29/03/2018 6:17 AM AEDT

*Looks Directly Into Camera* John Krasinski Wants A Christmas Special Of 'The Office'

NBC is reportedly eyeing a revival of the beloved sitcom.

NBC via Getty Images
The cast of "The Office."

Everybody stay calm: John Krasinski wants “The Office” to return as a Christmas special. 

The actor weighed in on the beloved NBC series’ revival, which the network is reportedly eyeing for the 2018-2019 television season. Krasinski, who starred as Jim Halpert for nine seasons, says he’s all for reuniting.

“I think the U.K. thing that I always have pitched and wanted to do is that Christmas special thing, where we do a Christmas special this year and then two years from now, or three years from now, we do another one,” he told IndieWire. “I love that idea coming back finding out where everybody is. I would totally be down for that.”

He added: “It’s one of those things where I’m sure people don’t believe me when I say I would totally do it, because the truth is I would totally do it.”

The original U.K. series upon which “The Office” is based aired two Christmas specials as a de facto finale in 2003. Recently revived series like “Gilmore Girls” have also opted for seasonally-themed installments, while others, including “Will & Grace” and “Twin Peaks,” have aired full seasons. 

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Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in "The Office" finale.

Krasinski, who’s on a press tour with wife Emily Blunt for his new movie, “A Quiet Place,” is more keen to do a one-off special, instead of rebooting the series for an entirely new run. 

“I don’t think anybody in our show sees that we didn’t end it the way we wanted to end it. We’re one of the very lucky shows that got to end when we wanted to, how we wanted to,” he said. “So I don’t know how it exciting it would be to do a run of the show, ’cause you don’t want to retread old things and have people not be as excited about it as they are now.”

But his resistance to committing to a full season has nothing to with his former cast members, who he still has a soft spot for. 

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The cast of "The Office" pictured in Season 9. 

“I remember talking to other people on TV shows and they were like, ‘Fifth season, right? That’s when you all started hating each other?’ and I was like, ‘No, was that when you started hating each other?’ and they were like, ‘Hell yeah, fifth season and I was like nope,’” Krasinski said. “Right until the end, we were a family, we were emotionally connected, we all cried our eyes out on the last day. 

His partner in crime, Jenna Fischer, who played his love interest Pam, is also ready and willing to get back in business. 

“I think the idea of an Office revival is a great idea,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I would be honored to come back in any way that I am able to. I loved playing that character.”