01/09/2018 6:37 AM AEST | Updated 01/09/2018 6:44 AM AEST

Donald Trump To Visit Ireland In November – And The Protests Are Already Being Planned

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Donald Trump is set to visit Ireland in November, the White House have announced. 

The US president has planned the visit in order to “renew the deep and historic ties” between the two countries, the announcement said. 

The visit will be made as part of a European tour to mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the fighting in World War I.

He will also visit Paris and participate in a November 11 commemoration.

An Irish government spokesperson said: “The Taoiseach understands that President Trump will stop in Ireland for a brief visit on his way to or from the Armistice commemorations in Paris.

“It will be an opportunity to follow up on the issues discussed in the White House in March including migration, trade, climate change and human rights issues.”

A statement from the White House press secretary said: “President Donald J Trump will travel to Paris, France, to participate in a November 11 commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the fighting in World War I.

“The president’s participation in this event will highlight the sacrifices that Americans have made, not only during World War I but also in the century since, in the name of liberty.

“While in Europe, the president also will visit Ireland to renew the deep and historic ties between our two nations.”

He will also attend the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, later in the month, the statement added.

On social media, Irish people reacted to the news with a mixture of despair, funny memes and plans for the “largest protest Ireland has ever seen”.

Dublin Councillor Michael O’Brien said: “No welcome for this racist sexist hatemonger. We need a big protest and a lend of that baby balloon they had in London.”

John O’Brennan, an academic, said: “No, No, No, No: Trump to visit Ireland in November. I hope every woman, man and child is ready for mass protest. Make it the largest protest Ireland has ever seen. And say no to racism, misogyny and hate.”

Amy O’Connor, an Irish journalist, said: “Trump can come to Ireland on two conditions: all official engagements take place in Barack Obama Plaza and all photos are taken right beside the life size cardboard cutout of Barack Obama. Take it or leave it.”

Here’s how Irish Twitter reacted:

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