03/09/2018 7:43 PM AEST | Updated 03/09/2018 11:07 PM AEST

Nigel Farage Fans Heckled By Protesters Outside First Night Of Australia Speaking Tour

Protests are expected at Farage's five remaining dates.

Matt Jelonek via Getty Images
Nigel Farage in Perth 

Nigel Farage fans were met by demonstrators at the first night of his Australia and New Zealand speaking tour in Perth on Sunday night.

People with placards and signs gathered outside Perth Town Hall, where the event was being held, and according to the Guardian, the protestors shouted “Nazi scum off our streets” as ticket-holders began to arrive.

One sign read: “Muslims are welcome, racists are not.”

Matt Jelonek via Getty Images
Protestors outside Perth Town Hall 

Another said, “Farage out, Manning in!”, in reference to the fact US whistleblower Chelsea Manning was recently denied a Australian visa. A police cordon was formed around the demonstrators.

The protests were coordinated by local groups including the Socialist Alliance and United Against Bigotry and Racism (UABR).

Matt Jelonek via Getty Images
Farage is expected to be met by similar protests at his remaining events 

Speaking ahead of Farage’s arrival in Perth, a UABR spokesperson said: “Farage is known for his racist, sexist and xenophobic views, on display during his time as leader of the far-right United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP),” the group said.

“He is on record saying that the gender pay gap exists because women are ‘worth far less’ than men.

“He also argued to ban migrants with HIV from entering Britain.”

During his talk, Farage discussed being invited to have dinner with Donald Trump, telling attendees that the President once told him: “You will be my friend for life.”

Further protests are expected to take place outside Farage’s remaining dates, taking place in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne.

Tickets for the events are priced at approximately £50-£170, with more expensive ones including a “VIP Meet & Greet”.

Farage is also hosting a private dinner for 20 people before each speaking engagement, with one ticket for this costing just over £550.