03/09/2018 11:30 PM AEST

Australian Instagram Model Sinead McNamara Found Dead On Superyacht In Greece

She is believed to have been working on the boat.

Sinead McNamara, a 20-year-old Instagram model from Australia, has been found dead on a billionaire’s superyacht in Greece.

McNamara was found in a critical condition on Friday, when the boat was docked in Kefalonia, according to local media.

She died while being airlifted to hospital, the coastguard told The Times.

The cause of death is currently unknown and the ship will remain in the port as an investigation takes place. Authorities are awaiting autopsy results. 

Australian media are reporting that investigators are focusing on the days leading up to McNamara’s death.

McNamara’s Instagram account has more than 12,000 followers and she frequently shared images of her travels around the world.

Posting last month, McNamara said that she was “living [and] working on a boat seeing all that the world has to offer”. 

The vessel, Mayan Queen IV, is owned by Mexican businessman Alberto Bailleres, has six storeys and is valued at approximately $140m (£108m).

Authorities said Bailleres and his family left the boat 48 hours before McNamara’s death. Her mother and sister were already on their way to Greece when the news broke, and had been planning to meet McNamara for a family holiday.

Since news of the model’s death broke, the comment sections of her Instagram posts have been filled with messages of condolence. 

“This is so sad, she was so young. Rest in peace, pray for her family,” wrote one follower, as another added: “A life lost and a sad family mourning their daughter, sister, niece. All will miss her deeply.”