17/09/2018 9:54 PM AEST | Updated 17/09/2018 10:26 PM AEST

Daughter Of Fred And Rose West Admits Serial Killer Parents ‘Could Have Murdered Up To 30 More People’

"They do say they never stopped."

The daughter of serial killers Fred and Rose West fears her parents could have murdered as many as 30 more people.

Between them, the Wests were charged with nine murders, but Mae West worries the number could be much higher.

“They do say they never stopped,” she told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.  

Last month, writer Paul Pender urged police in Scotland to investigate claims West’s father murdered a child in Glasgow more than half a century ago.

The 46-year-old recalled being beaten by her mother “for the littlest things” and going to sleep fully clothed in a bid to avoid being sexually abused by her father.

Good Morning Britain
Mae West appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday, with her voice and identity disguised 

West said: “If you knew he was coming home you’d make sure you had jeans on, go to bed fully dressed, or we’d get up early in the morning dressed before, because he’d just come into the room when you’re dressing.”

Though the family home in Cromwell Street, Gloucester, became known as the ‘House of Horrors’ for the terrible crimes committed within it, West revealed there were times of relative domesticity.

She said: “I’ve been asked, ‘Did you have knee caps as ashtrays?’ they just think it’s going to be a literal house of horrors and you’re like ‘Don’t be ridiculous.’

“They can’t see you had normal meal times, TV, there was a lot of normality to it. Then there was the other side that wasn’t and we didn’t obviously see a lot of things.”

PA Archive/PA Images
Heather West was murdered by her parents. Her body was found in the garden of the family home on Cromwell Street 

West, now a mother-of-two herself, admits that as a child she feared being killed by her parents. Her elder sister Heather had mysteriously disappeared and was later found buried in the garden.

West said: “I don’t tend to think too much about that. I was probably better off if just left on the street… You were not safe in that house.”

West plans to wait until her son is older before she tells him of his true heritage, but admitted that her daughter has already found out by accident.

She said: “She’s never really talked about it. She’s put that like, ‘Well that’s your background’ and we’ve got on with things. She did go to a Halloween fancy dress ball and they [other party guests] went as mum and dad, they actually dressed as Fred and Rose West while she was there. She just said, ‘Oh mum, you’ll never guess what, they came as your parents.’”

West hanged himself in prison in 1995 while awaiting trial for the murder of 12 women.

Rose West was jailed later that year for the murder of 10 women and will spend the rest of her life in prison.