18/09/2018 12:19 PM AEST

Betty White Flirts With Alec Baldwin In Surprise Emmy Awards Appearance

“Betty White is NINETY SIX, you guys. NINETY SIX and hitting on Alec Baldwin.”

Kevin Winter via Getty Images
Betty White, fifth-wheel Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin onstage at the 70th Emmy Awards.

She’s still got it.

Betty White, 96, surprised the audience at the 2018 Emmy Awards on Monday night by gracing the stage. The iconic television actress, who has been nominated for 24 Emmys and has won eight, received a standing ovation. And, although the gesture was warm and well-deserved, it wasn’t the most delightful part of her appearance.

After a charming introduction by Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon (McKinnon quipped, “At 96 years old, she still thinks about all those Emmys she didn’t win. And she’s still bitter.”), White decided to do a little flirting.

At one moment, she gave Baldwin and McKinnon her hands, which both of them kissed (as well they should).

In response to Baldwin’s gesture, in particular, White saucily said: “You think I’m going to miss a chance when I get it?”

Needless to say, people on Twitter loved it:

But to be truly honest, most people were just overjoyed to see White at the Emmys.

But having the ability to make Baldwin blush isn’t the only ability White still has in spades, she also knows how to tell a great joke.

Stay Golden, Betty.

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