18/09/2018 9:11 PM AEST | Updated 18/09/2018 9:13 PM AEST

Chrissy Teigen Savages Guy Who Asks If She's Pregnant Again During Emmys

What was this person on Twitter thinking?

Someone was so asking for it.

While model and “Lip Sync Battle” host Chrissy Teigen was enjoying her night out at the Emmy Awards, someone on Twitter asked if she was pregnant again. The person said he was trying to be “utmost respectful” but, yeah, that didn’t win over Teigen, who gave birth to her son about four months ago.

You broke two rules, dude:

No. 1. Don’t ask women if they’re pregnant.

No. 2. Especially don’t ask the quick-witted Teigen, who will the take time on her glam night out to smack you with a response.

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