The 2 Women Who Left Vietnam’s ‘The Bachelor’ To Be Together Have Made It Official

The two contestants who shocked the “Bachelor” franchise say this is the first time either has been in a same-sex relationship.

Who says you can’t find love on a reality TV show?

Minh Thu and Truc Nhu, the two women who shocked Bachelor Nation last month by leaving “The Bachelor: Vietnam” to be together — before one woman had a change of heart — are now officially together.

They confirmed news of their relationship in an interview with the show last week. The footage is entirely in Vietnamese, but does show the couple wearing sweet matching yellow dresses:

Thu and Nhu were also spotted together holding hands, looking like they had just walked off the set of “Beverly Hills: 90210.”

Last month, Thu, a contestant on Vietnam’s version of “The Bachelor,” unexpectedly confessed her love for her fellow contestant Nhu during a rose ceremony. Thu, who had just been eliminated, pleaded with Nhu to leave the show and be with her.

The two women exited the elimination ceremony together, and many thought they had gone off to start their lives as a couple. But Nhu apparently had a change of heart at the last second and decided to remain on the show.

Once Nhu was also eliminated, she decided to reconnect with Thu.

The women told BuzzFeed that they knew they had serious feelings for one another as soon as they were separated, but neither had ever had a same-sex relationship before. Nhu said she stayed on the show to give the Bachelor, Nguyen Quoc Trung, a fair chance, but also admitted that she also wanted to make sure her feelings were real and not just infatuation.

The women said that coming out on TV was tricky for them, especially in regard to their families.

Though Vietnam abolished a ban on same-sex marriage in 2015, gay couples are not recognized or protected by law. Marriage equality is still a controversial subject and many in the LGBTQ community experience discrimination, as they do elsewhere.

“Right before the episode was going to air, I mentally prepared what I was going to say to my family,” Thu told BuzzFeed. “When my family asked for an explanation, the response I prepared was, ‘What do you want for me? To have a husband and a child? Or to find my own happiness?’”

Nhu had a similar experience with her older sister.

“I told her this was completely real and asked her, ‘Don’t you want me to be happy? If I’m happy in this relationship then you need to support me and not scold me. Going the traditional way and having a husband and child doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find happiness,’” Nhu said.

Now that the two lovebirds are officially together, they’d like to move on with their lives and prove to their families that their relationship is the real deal.

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