17/11/2018 7:47 AM AEDT

24 Embarrassing Times People Sent The Wrong Thing In A Work Email

"Emailed my boss by accident saying "let me know when you get sex please" rather than "let me know when you get a sec". Can I go home now?"

Awkward email mistakes and drafting oopsies happen to everyone: Even those in the highest ranks of government

On Friday, The Washington Post reported that the Department of Justice mistakenly revealed that criminal charges have been filed against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who has long been under investigation for publishing classified diplomatic cables.

Court filings submitted by U.S. authorities in an unrelated case mentioned the existence of criminal charges against someone named Assange. The New York Times speculates that prosecutors pasted text from a similar court filing into the wrong document. Whoops.

The State Department makes mistakes too. This month the U.S. Embassy in Australia sent a meeting invitation that contained a picture of a cat dressed as Cookie Monster. The embassy quickly apologized, saying the email was a “training error.”

Hey, it happens to the best of us. In the spirit of admitting that we all make mistakes ― not just officials at the highest levels of our government ― here are 24 tweets from people who have sent the wrong thing at work.