31/01/2019 8:09 AM AEDT

Terry Crews, In New Video For Me Too Movement, Declares 'I Will Not Be Shamed'

The actor wants survivors of sexual abuse to know they “did nothing wrong.”

Terry Crews is encouraging sexual assault survivors to internalize the following mantra: “I will not be shamed, I did nothing wrong.” 

The actor participated in a series of public service announcements premiering last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah by Tarana Burke, activist and founder of the Me Too Movement

As part of Me Too’s latest project, Crews narrated a video sharing his reason for publicly telling his own story as a survivor of sexual assault. 

The actor has publicly alleged that Hollywood talent agent Adam Venit groped him at a party in 2016. He also testified about sexual assault survivor rights before Congress in June. 

In the Me Too video titled “Terry,” Crews says that before he spoke publicly about his own experience, he remembered seeing severe backlash toward women who shared their sexual assault stories. 

“For me, to remain silent, I would’ve felt like a fraud,” he says. “Because when this happens to you, you are trapped. And you are not a victim that needs help, you’re a problem that needs to be eradicated.” 

“My advice to any survivor, ‘I will not be shamed, I did nothing wrong,’” he says, adding, “Please, please to any survivor out there, repeat that mantra over and over until you believe it.”

In a Monday Twitter post, Burke expressed her support for Crews, who has criticized some celebrities for mocking his allegations. 

I don’t think people realize that @terrycrews only came forward with his story to SUPPORT the women who came forward in 2017,” she wrote. “He would have suffered in silence and left his #metoo to fester inside while watching women be excoriated outside”