06/02/2019 4:05 AM AEDT

Amy Schumer Crashing This Couple's Engagement Shoot Is Extremely On Brand

“If you get engaged, Tati and I will be there,” the photobombing comedian wrote on her Instagram.

Nothing says “We’re getting married!” like ... Amy Schumer crashing your engagement photo shoot?

A couple in New Orleans were posing for their engagement photos when comedian Schumer appeared behind them ― and crashed their pictures.

Photographer Jen Menard captured the action and posted a hilarious picture of the “I Feel Pretty” star in the background with the two lovebirds, James Matthews and Katherine Salisbury, on her Instagram. 

Schumer reposted the image on her own Instagram with the caption, “If you get engaged, Tati and I will be there.” Tati is Schumer’s adorable little dog, in the picture on the right.

Menard told HuffPost via email Tuesday that she’d been shooting for “about 20 minutes” in New Orleans’ Audubon Park when Schumer, her husband and her dog walked past on the jogging trail.

“I honestly didn’t notice,” Menard said. “Then she ran back over and said, ‘Hey! Is this an engagement session?’ And we told her yeah, then she said, ‘Can I photobomb?!’” 

Menard said she encouraged Schumer to join in. 

At first, the bride-to-be, who is originally from New York, was “totally freaking out, because she knew exactly who it was,” Menard said.

Salisbury told HuffPost she was thinking “HOLY SHIT that is Amy Schumer!” but “didn’t want to say that out loud because I figured she would just want to go on her way after she photobombed us as opposed to staying to chat.”

“Kind of kicking myself that we only have the one picture (although it is an amazing one),” Salisbury added in an email. “She did ask if she could photobomb us and I was like ‘HELL YES get in here!’”  

Schumer left before the couple could invite her to the wedding. Menard photographed the happy couple without Schumer and they were all smiles:

Jen Menard Photography
Jen Menard Photography

Salisbury said she thinks Schumer is “hilarious” and would love to have the comedian at her wedding.

“Of course! Who WOULDN’T want her there?! I have official approval from my mom and mother-in-law to add her to the guest list. We’ll give her +3 guests... husband, baby and of course Tati,” she said. 

It’s unclear why Schumer and her husband, who are expecting their first child together in the spring, were in New Orleans. HuffPost has reached out to Schumer.

Congratulations to James and Katherine! And who knows ― maybe Schumer will pop up at their wedding in October? 

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