20/02/2019 6:08 AM AEDT

Ken Jeong Taps Into His Doctor Roots To Answer Twitter's Medical Questions

The comedian actually spent years as a real-life physician, so he’s earned that stethoscope.

The doctor is in.

Ken Jeong, whose standup special “You Complete Me, Ho” debuted on Netflix last week, joined Wired to answer some medical questions. Though Jeong is best-known for his comedic roles, he actually spent years as a real-life doctor. And judging from his “Doc Support 2” video, released Monday, he earned that stethoscope.

Jeong dishes out his advice in a very ... colorful way, but he also drops some pretty useful knowledge. For example, he explains that you can, in fact, get sick from stress as “your immune system gets compromised and it can make you more prone to get colds.” 

“Look at me, think of me as the ultimate role model. I can do anything. I’m a doctor. I’m an actor. I’m a comedian. I’m an Instagram model. I can do anything. So let me tell you, just be relaxed. Be cool. Just chill the fuck out,” Jeong says before fumbling an anatomical model.  

This is the second time Jeong has solved Twitter’s burning medical mysteries with Wired. At this point, we’d probably trust him with our own physicals ― even if they would be peppered with a lil profanity.