Chef Adam Liaw's Hack Solves Those Annoying Last-Minute School Treat Requests

Adam Liaw's snack hack is genius and hilarious.
Adam Liaw's snack hack is genius and hilarious.

It started as satire, but the situation proved all too real.

"Son Needs Costume, 30 Individually Wrapped Treats Tomorrow Morning For Some School Celebration" said the headline on an article from The Onion, a satirical fake news site.

If you're a busy parent, that article might inspire a clenching feeling in your chest and an impending sense of doom, because — while it is funny — it's also a fairly common occurrence. After all, who among us with school-age kids has not stayed up all night wielding a hot glue gun while mixing nut-free, wheat-free, sugar-free brownies and swearing under our breath about "#$%&ing bull$#!& Friendship Day"?

Australian celebrity chef Adam Liaw could certainly relate. Liaw — the winner of 2010's "MasterChef Australia" and host of "Destination Flavour — shared the article, some hilarity, and (thankfully) a genius solution for those last-minute treats on Twitter Tuesday.

"No kidding, but my son has been as school for exactly ONE TERM and this has already happened about 9 times," Liaw tweeted in a hilarious thread that saw other parents sharing their own last-minute requests, including one who said their kid's teacher once requested they make a haggis.

"I am going to write a recipe for something that you can make 25 portions of in 5 minutes that can keep unrefrigerated for 8 hours and contains no dairy, nuts or eggs. I don't know what it is yet but I will make it work for the good of us all," Liaw went on.

Adam Liaw attends the 7th AACTA Awards on Dec. 6, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.
Adam Liaw attends the 7th AACTA Awards on Dec. 6, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

"It will also fit in a standard Tupperware, cost less than $10 in ingredients, weigh less than 1 kg for transport, and be able to survive a bus ride in a school backpack without destroying its integrity. I GOT YOU ON THIS PARENTS."

And bless his heart — he did it.

Behold, Liaw's recipe for "Fat Pocky." (Pocky are a type of Japanese chocolate-covered biscuit sticks).

All you need is a pack of breadsticks, some dark chocolate, and sprinkles. Thank you, Adam Liaw. Thank you.

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But wait, there's more! Liaw went on to include some hilarious decor options, such as gold flakes "in case your kids go to private school," dried mango "that you can put on Instagram so that people don't judge you," and "one that looks like a mummy idk."

Here's one that looks like a mummy idk

— Adam Liaw (@adamliaw) March 21, 2019

The recipe actually looks quite feasible, as a lot of parents noted gratefully.

"You will be our king," wrote one person.