We Can't Stop Watching Newscasters Awkwardly Using Slang Like 'Gucci,' 'Okurr'

Combine television news and adults’ unwavering need to be hip, and you get this embarrassingly funny effort by WTOL of Toledo, Ohio, on Wednesday.

In a reference to school examinations, anchor Melissa Andrews chirped, “Good morning, TPS students. It is testing week, and it’s time to slay all day.”

Yeet!” colleague Tim Miller exclaimed. “Stay woke, be on fleek and get that Gucci breakfast.”

It got worse from there.

The taped message aired at local schools and on social media, not during a broadcast, WTOL general manager Brian Lorenzen told HuffPost on Friday. It was meant as a “fun light-hearted way to motivate students,” he said.

Check. But next time, the station might want to avoid “yeet.” Sure, it can be a simple exclamation, but it also means “ejaculate.” Okurr?

See above why this oh-so-wrong segment has rightly gone viral.

This story has been updated with comments from WTOL’s Brian Lorenzen.