25/04/2019 6:12 AM AEST

Captain America Cosplayer Proposes At 'Avengers: Endgame' Premiere

Shawn Richter proposed in character to his girlfriend, Lisa Lower, while she was decked out as Agent Peggy Carter.

Avengers: Endgame” marks the end of one chapter for the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and the beginning of one for a Captain America cosplayer in San Diego.

Shawn Richter took advantage of the movie’s world premiere Monday in Los Angeles to heroically propose to his girlfriend, Lisa Lower.

Richter was dressed as Captain America for the occasion, while Lower was decked out as the hero’s longtime crush, Peggy Carter.

“He has always loved Captain America and it’s a favorite cosplay of his,” Lower told “Inside Edition.” “We also have tattoos that say how we are with each other till the end of the line ... which is what Captain America says to his best friend Bucky Barnes.”

The two have been dating about a year and a half.

Richter’s proposal was as humble as something Captain America might say.

“It’s a little bit smaller than an Infinity Gauntlet, but I think you’re gonna like it,” Richter told Lower as he offered her a ring on TV.

This is one “Avengers” spoiler Marvel will probably allow us to post: She said yes.

Inside Edition

“He’s not one to go small, so I was thinking that his proposal would be something big. I had no idea that he was going to pop the question there. I was so excited to be at the premiere and so focused on that,” Lower said.