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The Pros And Cons Of Your Bloke Working Nights

I’d check if he’s OK with me writing all this, but he’s probably asleep.

For reasons unknown to me, my boyfriend's employer decided to switch him to day shift for one month -- just long enough for his sleeping habits to go out the window and for our routine to be ruined.

I'll be honest, I thought this was what I wanted. I've been whining for months about how we don't spend time together and how it's not natural to work nights for two-and-a-half years. But the switch got me thinking -- we had a good system going.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a night-shift boo.

Pro: We have a non-official, but highly enforced rule that whoever is home from work first cooks dinner. The other person cleans the dishes. We argued over who is technically home first and I decided that arriving home at 5 am means he wins. Lucky fella.

Con: He uses every dish in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time rinsing.

Pro: I walk in from work, we eat dinner, talk and watch a bit of telly together before he leaves for work. Then the house is MINE. I watch 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' re-runs while wearing sheet masks (which he finds terrifying) and bring the hair dryer downstairs to blast my hair during ad breaks. If that's not ~living~ I don't know what is.

Con: I have to wait until the weekend to watch 'our' TV shows. Unrelated: if anyone knows how to make Netflix lie about what's been viewed, I'm all ears.

Pro: I can put a load of washing on in the morning and he hangs it up when he wakes.

Con: Sometimes he goes fishing after work and wakes me up when he catches one. On one occasion at some absurd hour (for me at least) he came in super-proud with a fish in his hand and said "Are you awake?" to show me his catch of the day. Well, of the night. It gets confusing which is which.

Pro: I sleep well during the week. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing a bed with my partner and Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights we get to do that. But there's also something wonderful about tucking yourself in at 9 pm in complete silence and knowing nobody is going to steal the doona.

Con: I make the bed twice a day. I have a weird thing about leaving the house with an unmade bed, and an even weirder thing about getting into an unmade bed. So I make it when I wake up, and again when I walk in the door from work. I guess that says more about me being strange than it does about night shift, but here we are.

Pro: If I get packages delivered, there's always someone there to sign.

Con: He ignores the doorbell before 11 am.

Pro: He really enjoys working nights and has saved enough money to kick a bunch of his personal goals.

Con: Some nights I have work or personal commitments which keep me back, so if I'm not home by 7 pm I don't see him at all. He's allergic to using his phone so I often have to keep notes to remember all the things I wanted to say.

Pro: He has more time awake at home to do things.

Con: There are a bunch of studies about how bad working nights for a long time can be for his health.

Pro: If it's working for him right now, I'll do my best to make it work for us.

I'd check if he's OK with me writing all this, but he's probably asleep.


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